Upcoming Iridescent series.

Temporary Cover [c] Jenny Wynn

This had to be the place.
My paradise, my sanctuary, my home.
But it was also—
My dystopia, my possible-grave, my prison.
What it appeared to be, it wasn't.
Loathing behind the love.
Secrets behind the truth.
Despair behind the hope.
I was left on my own.
 Skye was bound to be forever lost, without a purpose until she
stumbled upon her home—a world she never thought existed.

At first, everything appears to be mesmerizing and perfect.
Behind the scenery, it is much more than the opposite.
Secrets, love, betrayal, and the truth will unravel everything
for Skye as she is determined to uncover her past, even if it
means sacrificing everything she cares about—everything she
never had before.

With the assistance of her friends, Kaeden and Trinity, with
the shrouding secret Devryn—an aloof but familiar, charming
guy—holds, and despite the unknown threats that lurk around
every corner, she'll attempt to discover, experience, and
finally fulfill the purpose she's been destined for.

-- The Titles --

I R I D E S C E N T [ #1 ]
F A D E D [ #2 ]
T A I N T E D [ #3 ]
L U M I N O U S [ #4 ]

(c) Jenny Wynn